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27 июля 2018, 06:07

Google is sprinkling some AI into its G Suite apps

Google’s G Suite of applications for business and enterprise users doesn’t always stay perfectly up to date with its regular old consumer apps, which is likely because business customers need stability over features. But with how popular AI is turning out to be, it only makes sense for Google to bring some of that to G Suite.

The biggest new feature in this round of updates is the useful Smart Reply coming to Google Hangouts, since Hangouts is now Google’s business answer to Slack. Smart Reply will intelligently try to understand the conversation you’re having and will suggest simple replies or sentences, which ideally should help save you a little bit of time throughout the day.

Hangouts isn’t the only app with some updates, though. Gmail for G Suite users is getting Smart Compose, which was a feature talked about at Google I/O this year. Gmail will learn users’ habits and typing styles and will attempt to help compose emails based on that profile.

Lastly, adventurous users can beta test the grammar correction feature in Google Docs, which is like spell check on steroids. It’s actually based off of Google Translate’s work and will try and make suggestions and corrections to grammar and diction in addition to simple spelling mistakes and errors. Pretty cool.

Keep an eye out for these features over the next few weeks.

source: Google

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/AndroidNewsGoogleAndroidForums/~3/WuBrZA4tUsM/